Winning Proposition: AtCash's technology platform will enable the next generation of trust services and networks across industries. We will leverage the latest technologies to create data sharing, consent mechanisms, automation, governance and simplification.

We have built secure and easy to implement trust solutions for businesses, governments, and consumers.


AtCash has developed a variety of ready to implement solutions for governments and businesses. The two primary areas of focus for us are trust platforms and digitization of business processes and contracts. We also build custom solutions for our clients.

We want to be a leading provider of digitization technologies to governments and businesses, especially those related to financial services.

Business and governments need to share information with their partners and customers in a safe, effective and efficient manner. That is where we come in. We have invested significantly in ready to implement blockchain solutions that can be leveraged by both governments and businesses.

Businesses and governments can contact us to create private networks connecting their partners, vendors and customers. Just tell us who needs to be connected and what information needs to be shared and we do the rest.

You can create private information sharing networks faster and cheaper than you can imagine.

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You can read more about our technology platforms for business and governments here.

B2C Platforms

We believe in democratizing trust. Without trust, there isn’t much else. We have harnessed the power of smart contracts to create the first and only social network for tracking commitments using the blockchain.

Intrigued? You should be because promise breakers watch out, Falcon Tag is here to save the day. By Q2 2019 you will know what we know.

You can read more about it here.


Our trust platforms help exchange "trust" with the people that matter most to you