We build custom peer-to-peer blockchain networks based on dynamic architecture in record time and at affordable costs.

Our solutions include a ready to customize trust network that can be adapted to several business and government use cases. The platform is called T.I.M.E or trust and identity management engine. With T.I.M.E, there is one single source of truth that is accessible by various parties. The consumer has ultimate control over who they authorize to view their information. Our T.I.ME for Records solution allows any type of data to be exchanged.

Features and Benefits


Use Cases

T.I.M.E for identity and records management can be applied anywhere you need a trust network to exchange information.

A trust network connects peers, vendors, and/ or customers. Information can be any data that needs to be exchanged selectively and securely.

Governments can approach us to solve complex issues such as data sharing of KYC, AML, credit scores, insurance information, health records, land records and more.

Businesses can contact us to connect various participants of their ecosystem in consortia based solutions.

Even individual businesses looking to connect with their own subsidiaries on a real-time basis will find substantial synergies with our trust networks.

Keep your Cool!

Thats what we think KYC should stand for. The process has been made more complex than it should be for all parties involved. Watch our fun video on the real challenges for KYC and how our TIME solution for KYC can help solve it.

It is yet another example of a use case for a trusted network.