We combine our trust frameworks with the ability to tokenize, manage, and transfer assets between participants. We can tokenize any asset including cash, physical assets and non-physical assets. With our customizable trust network for assets, we can deliver solutions that address your needs.

Features and Benefits


The system comes standard with all our features of dynamic architecture. The platform is based on permissioned distributed ledger technology. To this we have added the ability to create tokens, a wallet, which allows the store and transfer of value, based on secure authentication, and a policy engine that allows for customization of policy.

Use Cases

TIME for assets is well suited for a number of cases within governments and businesses. It can be used wherever assets are involved.

One of the key use cases for T.I.M.E for assets is as a platform for Central Banks to generate digital cash. Digital cash is generated by central banks as a part of the retail or wholesale use case.


TIME for assets can also be used for wholesale settlement between banks.