We do what we like and we like what we do. It helps that we also know what we are doing. We value diversity of thought and backgrounds. Our team has diverse backgrounds and represents subject matter experts in their domains.

If you are looking for a team that understands both business and technology, you've found them. We understand blockchain, cryptography, financial systems, risk management or much more. A short introduction of the team that is driving the business and technical innovation is provided below.

AtCash has key team members located in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and India.

Core Team

Arushi Sood Joshi

Arushi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AtCash. She is an innovator who is driven by using technology for simplification and inclusion. An entrepreneur at heart she enjoys building differentiated products and diverse teams.

Arushi has over 17 years of experience in multi-national organizations including payment giants like Visa and MasterCard. This process experience allows her to bring the best of corporate rigor and startup innovation to AtCash. Arushi has a MBA in Management Information Systems.

Akinwale Wilfred Akintola (Wale)

Wale is our Senior Technology Architect. Wale has more than 7 years of experience in software application design and development for organizations such as the Central Bank of Nigeria where he has worked on the implementation of the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Systems (NIBSS).

He is a software developer par excellence with expertise in payment systems, infrastructure and more. He has embraced different DLT technologies with both arms and is enjoying developing innovative solutions using them. He is a graduate in Computer Science.

Dr. Laura Benetti

Dr. Laura is the Legal and Regulatory Counsel for AtCash. She has more than 10 years' experience in consulting, research and legal practice. She has worked with law firms, universities and governmental entities. She has experience in tracking legislation and regulatory developments and in monitoring compliance related matters. She has worked on large scale projects assisting her clients both in judicial and extra-judicial matters.

When she is not doing legal stuff, she is knee deep in product development and management. She strongly believes in the power of technology for a fair economic growth. Laura holds a Ph.D. in competition law and is admitted to practice in Italy.

Lise Akoum Esper

Lise is the head of Customer Success & Enablement for AtCash. She is a seasoned professional with expertise in digital solutions design and delivery. She has experience working for large firms in both client and consulting organizations. She has managed several large project implementations. Her career has focused on digital transformation, customer experience and revenue management systems.

Lise is post-graduate from IMT, Institut Mines – Telecom, Paris. She is passionate about sustainable solutions and financial inclusion.

Frank Biggio (Gus)

Gus is a senior regulatory specialist experienced in international corporate, M&A, financial transactions and technology licensing. He is a qualified attorney. He is passionate about creating innovation in contract digitization. An enthusiast about smart contracts, and has embraced the power of DLT.

He is well-travelled and culturally astute, with broad experience in business operations, strategic planning and leadership management gained through work at globally recognized law firms.


Board of Advisors

Mike Smith

Mike has broad and deep enterprise risk management and compliance expertise. He has deep technical know-how in several areas including information security, privacy and data protection, anti-money laundering, credit analysis and management, regulatory and supervisory relationship etc.

Mike has held several leadership positions including as an SVP at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He is currently the Chief Risk and Compliance officer for Green Dot corporate.

Cathy McCaul

Until October 2017, Cathy McCaul was president, Global Processing for Mastercard and a member of the company’s Management Committee. In this role, she led Mastercard's processing companies across the world. In the course of her career, she has acted as an executive on the management boards of Digital, Compaq, CPP, and Mastercard.

She is passionate about the role of women in business and particularly interested in the advancement of women and girls in technology.

Dr. David Kravitz

David is a recognized security expert with three decades of experience. He is an expert in cryptography and information security, including work applicable to blockchain (e.g., Bitcoin; Ethereum; Hyperledger), cryptocurrency, smart grid, and IoT. He has several related patents and inventions in his name.

His experience has included IBM Research, TrustCentral, Orion Security Solutions, CertCo/Bankers Trust, Sandia National Labs and the National Security Agency (NSA) to name a few. He is currently leading Crypto Systems Research at Darkmatter, LLC.

Dr. Taher Elgamal

Taher is an internationally respected information security leader and cryptographer. He was the recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the RSA conference in 2009. He was successfully served as CISO, Chief Scientist, CTO, as well as founder and CEO of numerous key organizations.

Dr. Elgamal invented several industry and government standards in data security and digital signatures for areas including the DSS government standard for digital signatures. He is recognized in the industry as the "father" of SSL.

Arvind Sharma

Arvind Sharma is an expert on IT Strategy, eGovernance, and electronic payment systems. Mr Sharma was Director Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), which is technical arm of Reserve Bank of India. He has held several leadership roles in multinational technology organizations.

He was the Chief Architect and Program Manager for multiple large end-to-end turn-key projects such as Indian Railway's Passenger Reservation System, Structured Financial Messaging System for Banks, Mediterranean Olympic Games Management System.