We are committed to helping our clients realize the full power of blockchain and other technologies. Our experienced team of payment and technology consultants are here to educate, review, redesign, and implement cutting edge solutions.


Business Consulting

We provide the following business consulting services.

Education and Training: Our team of business and legal experts can provide training to central banks on how to create future proof and relevant payment systems. We provide similar education and training services to banks looking to leverage blockchain and our other technical innovations. We can customize are training programs to suit your needs. We welcome governments and businesses to talk to us about their training requirements in this space.

Business and Process Review: We conduct in-depth reviews of existing financial processes. We use our understanding of financial payment systems to identify gaps and opportunities with processes. Combined with our technical reviews we can help redesign systems.

Process Reengineering: We ideate and redesign processes to help organization future proof their offerings. Our expertise on current technologies and streamlining processes helps organization gain efficiency and effectiveness.

Regulatory and Risk Consulting: We can help organization understand the risks and implications of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and more. We can help governments structure policies around cryptocurrencies. Our specialty is helping governments launch their own cryptocurrencies and with establishing governance and regulatory frameworks.

Technical Consulting

Our team has traditional as well as new age payment system expertise. While we offer our own platform for client s to use, our capabilities extend beyond. We can act in an advisory capacity and help clients identity the best solutions for their needs.

Technology Review: Independently or in conjunction with business and process reviews, we assess the effectiveness of existing technological systems. We can customize our engagement to include all or parts of the system.

Readiness Assessment: As banks and other organizations embark on innovative disruptions we can partner to help maximize impact and minimize risk. By conducting a readiness assessment we can identity potential challenges and risks for a business and system perspective and help mitigate them.

Technology Redesign: In conjunction with internal teams we can develop future technological visions for payment systems. We can further assess different technological solutions as a part of the design. We also help organizations design their own private blockchains.

Implementation: We of course focus on implementation of the AtCash platform. However, we are equipped to help implement and execute our technological redesigns. We come in as an extension of the team and provide our technical and business expertise to maximize investments and enable smooth implementations.

We also help organization implement their own private blockchain.