We partner with companies to enable contract and workflow automations so no one ever needs to print or sign a paper contract again!

FALCON AIN is our contract digitization and process automation solution. It is especially suited for institutions that need to manage many contracts. FALCON AIN electronically manages the contract process from digital contract to digital contract signing through to closure of the contract. FALCON AIN translates to 'eye' of the Falcon.

Watch out because the Falcon is watching.

Interactive Contracts Workflow Automation
Create smart fields and docs Automatically poulate Custom navigate Contract builder Automated workflows Role assignment SLA tracking Full visibility
Contract Signing Video Verification
Hash of wet ink signature Digital Signature Audio trail (audio, video, OTP) Web/mobile based video verification Audit and Evidence Management
Automate contract processes
Automate compliance and eliminate the need of manual work
Efficiency in processes workflow
Full transparency and visibility to the user
Compliance with policies

Use Cases

Falcon Ain is a feature rich and solves several use cases. It can be used in several industries:

Islamic Finance
Video Verification – Agent

Our super hero saves the day with his pet falcon!

Falcon Ain digitizes contracts, automates contract signing and manages workflows. The efforts to draft contracts and their management over time are dramatically simplified. Your customers can now engage with a truly digital entity. Your organization can be more efficient and accountable. The eye of the Falcon is watching out for you.